Air Travel Tips for Diabetics

AFO Liner Socks For DiabeticsFrom Labor Day to Thanksgiving to the winter holidays, the last few months of the year give us a lot of reasons to travel.

Traveling can be stressful, and living with an illness like diabetes only adds to the tension. Here are a few tips for staying healthy the next time you take flight.

1. Keep your medication with you – Make sure your prescriptions and any other medication you need stay in your carry-on. Delayed luggage can mean delayed treatment, and keeping your medication with your luggage in the cargo hold can subject it to some very cold temperatures.

2. Alert the crew – If you’re traveling by yourself, let someone on the flight know about your condition in case of an emergency. Let a flight attend know you may need a soda or some juice if you become hypoglycemic. The TSA also recommends you carry or wear medical identification, and keep contact info for your doctor with you.

3. Have a doctor’s letter with you – This is another TSA recommendation. Having a letter from your doctor will alert airport security of your need to carry insulin, syringes and other supplies. You should also have pharmacy-labeled pill bottles and insulin vials.

4. Bring a first aid kit – This kit should include gauze, bandages and an antibiotic cream to treat foot sores. You should also carry a travel sharps container – it can just be a sturdy plastic bottle with a screw-on lid – and dispose of it properly when you get home.

5. Pack some snacks – Many airlines charge extra for food and beverages, so pack your own snacks. Food on long flights can be unhealthy, and not always plentiful. Try to plan ahead and request a diabetes-friendly meal.

5. Keep your feet safe and comfortable – You may want to bring a second pair of comfortable, slip-on shoes to wear during the flight.

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