Diabetes Health: What is the importance of wearing diabetic socks?

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People who have diabetes are more likely to have problems with poor blood flow (circulation) or loss of feeling (sensation) in their feet. Poor circulation to the foot may lead to sores that are slower to heal. Loss of feeling or sensation is caused by damage to the nerves in the lower legs and feet.

Diabetic socks provide extra protection to help people with diabetes for their feet and avoid injury. Complications from diabetes can result in reduced blood flow to the feet as well as an increased risk of infections and other issues, and these socks are an easy way to help protect your feet.

 What are Diabetics Socks, and How are they Different from Regular Socks?

What makes diabetic socks different from regular socks are their features. Diabetic socks may not all be created equal, but the best ones will have features such as:

  • Seamless, flat design
  • Moisture canceling properties to keep feet dry
  • Cuffs capable of stretching
  • Thicker material on the heel and balls of feet


Ordinary socks will usually have seams, especially where the toes fit. Diabetic socks, on the other hand, will not have seems. The reason for their seamless design is that seams tend to rub against the feet and create blisters. Blisters can cause ulcers, especially for people with high levels of blood sugar.

Anti-moisture Properties

Diabetic socks can be made with wicking materials that take moisture or sweat away from the wearer’s feet, allowing evaporation. The anti-moisture aspect reduces the risk of fungal infections and even negates the likelihood of blisters forming. The reason behind the anti-moisture properties of these socks is that they are made with different materials such as acrylic fibers instead of cotton.

Stretchy Cuffs

Diabetic patients need to wear clothes that do not restrict blood flow or at least with minimal restriction. This also applies to the socks as these types of socks will generally be designed to have stretchy cuffs to aid in good blood flow. Not only that, but stretchy material will also create a product that conforms to the shape of the leg and foot.

Thicker Materials for More Protection and Comfort

Socks made for diabetics will typically be made not only with different materials but thicker materials. With some styles, you may even find silicone gel pads added to them. The amount of thickness can be chosen according to the activity you do throughout the day. If you stand for long periods, you may want to consider extra padding socks. For sports enthusiasts’ socks with extra toe padding may be worth considering.

What are some Reasons to Buy Diabetic Socks?

Regardless of what type of material they are made and style they are, the bottom line is that socks made for diabetics are ultimately designed to keep feet dry, improve blood circulation, and decrease injury. If the socks you purchase do not accomplish these three tasks and have diabetes, then it is time to take a closer look at diabetic socks. The following is a brief list of feet related issues that can be helped if you wear diabetic socks.

  • Feet that perpetually sweat
  • Changes in temperature, color, nerve damage or fungal infections on your feet
  • Have a low pedal pulse

Where Can I Buy Diabetic Socks?

If you need diabetic socks, then look no further than socks made by Creative Care. Creative Care is a family-owned business that has been making top quality diabetic socks for over 30 years. Apart from making compression socks, they also make seven different types of diabetic socks and make custom socks for those who have special needs. Contact Creative Care about their products and find which one fits your size and budget and bring comfort back to your life today!

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