Diabetic Socks: Steps You Can Take To Improve Your Quality of Life

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Foot care is a fundamental part of living with diabetes. Wearing diabetic socks regularly can help you take proper care of your feet and live a normal and enjoyable life. These socks are made from high-quality materials with excellent moisture absorption capabilities. They are non-constricting, seamless, well-padded, and close-fitting. They also feature a nylon exterior to significantly minimize friction and the possibility of a foot injury, while walking. That is the level of precision that goes into designing these crucially important socks. Read on to learn how diabetic socks can enhance your quality of life living with diabetes.

1.  They Lower the odds of foot injuries and infections

If you are susceptible to infections, these special socks will lower the risk. They will also lower your chances of suffering foot injuries. Thanks to their moisture-wicking materials, your feet will be dry all the time. They also come with antimicrobial features that prevent swellings and enhance your comfort.

2.  They keep your feet warm and comfortable

Do you feel cold on your feet even when you are in regular socks? Wearing diabetic socks can help you always feel comfortable by keeping your feet warm. These unique socks are designed in a way that enables them to redirect the heat back to the feet. As such, they significantly enhance your comfort.

3.  They Get Rid of Pressure

Diabetes may cause nerve damage in some areas of your feet. Wearing diabetic socks will help get rid of pressure from areas where this problem is likely to happen. The areas below the feet are mostly affected by this problem, resulting in wounds or even severe ulcers. Due to their padded design, the diabetic socks are ideal for preventing this problem.

4.  They Reduce Pain

Some diabetic socks feature fabrics called Celliant that can ease pain triggered by nerve damage. This fabric eases pain by ensuring the skin is receiving enough blood and oxygen. This occurs when this fabric regulates the amount of light falling on the skin, which impacts certain internal processes like enzyme activation.

Foot Care Tips

1.    Examine your feet daily

When you remove your shoes every evening, check your feet for cuts, red spots, blisters, inflammation, and infected toenails. If you cannot comfortably reach your feet, use a mirror or seek assistance from a loved one.

2.    Wash your feet daily

Wash your feet with warm water but don’t soak, as that may make your skin dry. Ensure the water is 90 to 95 degrees warm by testing it with a thermometer. Apply either cornstarch or talcum powder to the skin between your toes to keep it dry.

3.    Stay active

Seek guidance from your health care provider on how to be more active. Some of the activities he or she might recommend include brisk walking, dancing, or swimming. Ensure you put on shoes made specifically for the kind of physical activity you select.

4.    Wear high-quality shoes

On top of wearing diabetic socks, you should also invest in well-fitting, high-quality shoes. The objective is to ensure your feet are in a decent place all day.

If you are looking for quality socks that will take the health of your feet to a whole new level, Creative Care has got you covered. We have been creating high-grade diabetic socks for over three decades. We have built our business around a high level of precision, focus on quality, and unparalleled customer service. Our diabetic socks are creatively designed to address your unique needs and make your life as comfortable as possible, even as you try to keep your illness in check.

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