January News Roundup for Diabetic Socks Users

Stay Active - Stay HealthyThere are numerous stories about advances in diabetes treatment, growing awareness of the number of people who are at risk for these conditions and how to limit the potential complications that can include heart problems, kidney disease and even blindness. Here are some recent stories that the team at DiabeticSock.com wanted to highlight for our customers as they look for a holistic plan to manage their condition.

States Expect Spike in Type-2 Diabetes Diagnoses

Mississippi is a state with a larger problem with obesity than Pennsylvania, but the ramifications of men and women carrying excess weight has the potential to become a national epidemic. Doctors in that state say that up to one in three adults there could be diagnosed with diabetes and suffer the chronic condition in the next 15 years. That would be nearly triple the current incidence rate.

Currently, about one in three people with obesity is diagnosed with type-2 diabetes and numerous studies have demonstrated a link between problems with weight control and increased insulin sensitivity. While those statistics are significant, they are also important for people who have already been diagnosed with the condition. Further issues with complications can be reduced with proper adherence to diet and exercise regimens. In families who are predisposed, helping a parent or relative maintain healthy habits can limit the potential for children to be diagnosed with diabetes later on.

More Support for Artificial Sweeteners

One of the difficulties for many adults who have to consider diabetic socks to reduce the potential for sores from diabetic neuropathy is that they may need to make significant changes to their diet. Simple carbohydrates and salt have to be reduced significantly and there is an increased focus on protein sources with reduced fat content. People with insulin sensitivity can benefit from the results of one recent study, however.

Artificial sweeteners such as saccharine and sucralose are promoted as reduced-calorie alternatives to regular sugar. According to research published in Diabetes Care, these do not promote increases in glucose metabolism, a key factor for people who need to maintain consistently low blood-sugar levels. Scientists noted that the effect is the equivalent of just drinking a glass of water.

More specifically, the results indicate that “sucralose and AceK, either alone or in combination, have no acute effect on gastric emptying, GLP-1, or glycemic responses after oral glucose in healthy humans.” That means that dieters don’t have to miss out on certain treats or deal with bitter coffee when they used to use a packet or two of sugar.

Habits Matter in Managing Blood Sugar Levels

Researchers note that it can take at least a month or more for people to adopt habits, whether good or bad. Doctors recently helped patients with a six-week program focusing on awareness of blood sugar levels and symptoms of dangerously high or low levels. After people with diabetes received the training, instances of hospitalization or fainting dropped to zero for an entire year after the education.

While most people who have developed insulin sensitivity are justifiably concerned about spikes in blood sugar, physicians who treat these patients note that one can go too far in protecting themselves and go the other way, developing instances of hypoglycemia. While monitoring indicated that the actual measurements did not change compared to numbers prior to the program, participants now recognized the symptoms.

People who may now need to consider diabetic socks to reduce the likelihood of sores or wounds should be aware that signs of low blood sugar levels can include inability to concentrate, problems seeing straight and even trembling. Diabetics should have healthy snacks available nearby if this occurs to prevent the possibility of passing out or even dangerous seizures.

Diabetic Socks Help People Reach Their Healthy Goals

The more information available about successes for diabetes patients only underlines the fact that making small lifestyle changes can pay huge dividends. If you suffer from loss of feeling in your legs, get diabetic socks that can reduce the possibility of easy-to-miss sores or wounds that can become infected. We offer a wide variety of styles available in our online store. Start today and take the right steps towards managing your condition.

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