Summer Foot Care Tips for Diabetics

Follow these tips to keep your feet happy and healthy, all summer long

When you have diabetes, the carefree days of summer aren’t so carefree.

Life with diabetes means you need to take care of your feet, beyond just buying a few pairs of high-quality diabetic socks. Here are a few ways to do that so you can enjoy a healthy and happy summer.

  1. Don’t go barefoot

Walking around without shoes – especially at the beach – seems like a natural part of summer. But if you have diabetes, you know that a foot wound can be dangerous because you have less sensation in your lower extremities.

That’s why it’s important to wear sandals or shoes on the beach. Accidentally stepping on a shell or a stone can lead to a cut that you might not notice. You’ll also avoid burns from walking on hot sand.

  1. Inspect your feet twice a day

This is actually a routine you should follow no matter the season. Pay attention to the space between your toes and your soles. You may even want to use a mirror to check hard-to-see spots. We suggest also inspecting inside your shoes: Dirt and other debris can collect inside them and cause injuries.

  1. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen

If you’re wearing sandals or any other shoes that leave your feet exposed, be sure to add a layer of sunscreen to any skin that will be catching some rays when you head outside.

  1. Take precaution before getting pedicures

Treating yourself to a pedicure isn’t something that needs to stop when you have diabetes. But you do need to take precautions. You should avoid getting a pedicure if you have a cut on your feet or any neuropathy. Use a salon with a reputation for cleanliness, and tell the technician you have diabetes and require cooler water and a gentler touch. That means no clipping your cuticles or filing your calluses, and trimming your nails straight across.

As we’ve said before, part of foot care for people with diabetes is wearing the right sock. Creative Care can help. We’ve spent more than three decades helping people choose the right diabetic socks. We make our diabetic socks to last just as long as regular socks, while not constricting your legs. You’ll stay comfortable and healthy, no matter the season.

One thought on “Summer Foot Care Tips for Diabetics

  1. My mom has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes earlier this year but we’ve already planned to go on vacation before that and has already bought our tickets. So I wanted to see if there are things that we should watch out for while traveling. These should be perfect. Thanks for these great tips!

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