Air Travel Tips for Diabetics

AFO Liner Socks For DiabeticsFrom Labor Day to Thanksgiving to the winter holidays, the last few months of the year give us a lot of reasons to travel.

Traveling can be stressful, and living with an illness like diabetes only adds to the tension. Here are a few tips for staying healthy the next time you take flight.

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How Can Compression Socks Benefit People Without Diabetes?

seniors with diabetic compression socksFoot and leg care is a big part of living with diabetes, which is why Creative Care products such as compression socks are so important.

They’re designed to help relieve aching legs by using a stronger elastic, which helps soothe foot-related discomfort.  They prevent blood clots and can increase circulation, making them useful for patients who are bed-ridden or otherwise inactive.

But are these socks useful for people without diabetes? Ask anyone who’s run a marathon. Runners have used them for years to increase oxygen delivery, prevent cramping and reduce fatigue.

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The Importance of Proper Shoe Fit for Diabetics

Diabetic care includes wearing the proper shoes and footwear.

Finding the right diabetic socks & footwear is one of the bigger decisions we make when it comes to clothing. We want shoes to look good, but we also want them to fit well.

Proper shoe fit becomes even more important for people living with diabetes, as the illness can reduce the amount of blood reaching the feet, causing a number of foot problems.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to diabetic socks and support compression socks, but here are some tips for buying shoes when you have diabetes:

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5 Tips For Caring For Diabetic Feet

Keep your feet happy with these diabetic care tips

When you take care of any part of your body, it takes care of you. But when you live with diabetes, caring for yourself takes on even more importance. This applies, of course, to your diet, but also to your feet.

Having diabetes can mean you get less blood to your extremities, putting you at risk for a number of health problems. At worst, you run the risk of having a toe or a foot or even a leg amputated.

If you or someone you love has diabetes, here are a few foot care tips to keep in mind, whether you’ve just been diagnosed, or are simply trying to take better care of yourself.

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Think Diabetic Sock Material Doesn’t Matter? Think Again

diabetic sock material
People who live with diabetes need to think about things that folks who don’t live with the illness rarely have to consider. For example: diabetic sock material.

Foot care is an important part of diabetes care, and having the right sock material is an important part of caring for your feet. A good sock should wick well, meaning that it should keep moisture away from your skin.

Here are the facts about the three most popular diabetic sock materials, courtesy of the FootSmart blog.

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10 Facts about Diabetes and Foot Care

doctor checking feet of diabetic patient

When you have diabetes, chances are you pay more attention to your feet than you otherwise would.

Diabetes can lower the amount of blood reaching your feet, leading to a number of problems, including the ultimate loss of a toe, foot or leg.

Diabetic foot care is too important to ignore. to help you take better care of your feet, here are 10 foot-care tips, courtesy of the National Diabetes Education Program:

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What Type of Diabetic Socks Do I Need?

compression socks are one type of diabetic footwear

Do I Need to Use Diabetic Socks?

If you’ve already been diagnosed with diabetes, you’re probably well aware of the fact that any nerve damage you’ve already suffered can lead to a potentially dangerous loss of feeling in your hands, arms, legs and feet.

That’s why the use of diabetic socks is so crucially important: Hurting your feet but never realizing it is a very real possibility for diabetics.

And so some diabetic socks designs are extra-thick, and will reduce the chance of damage to your feet when the coldest winter weather hits. Most are also seamless and non-constricting.

But before you actually purchase a pair, take a few minutes to read up on the benefits and differences of each separate style.

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Keep Warm this Fall with Diabetic Socks

Diabetic socks will keep you warm on crisp autumn days and chilly autumn nights

Behold the fall. The changing leaves, the refreshing breeze, and the bursts of color − transformation is in the air.

Along with the delightful and picturesque changes that come with the season, one less desirable characteristic of fall, especially for those with diabetes, is the return of cold feet. Diabetics are more prone to foot problems, and according to the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society, there are two main reasons why people with diabetes must be especially careful when it comes to the health of their feet:

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AFO Liner Socks For Diabetics

AFO Liner Socks For DiabeticsThe ability to maintain balance is essential for performing the activities of daily life.

The ability of the body to maintain balance is based on complex coordination between the sensory systems, including anticipating environmental clues, responding to variations, and maintaining the body’s center of gravity. Disruption in any one of the sensory systems (visual, vestibular, and somatosensory) results in spatial disorientation, and varying degrees of unsteadiness, or imbalance.

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Diabetic Socks Can Focus on Fashion

Diabetic socks can go with dressy and casual looks

When you have diabetes, the lifestyle changes can sometimes seem a little overwhelming. For one thing, you need to start regulating your insulin and you are probably looking at some lifestyle changes (such as diet and exercise). There are also new worries to contend with, depending on your age and relative health. For instance, many people begin to worry about neuropathy or numbness in the limbs. Thankfully, some of these worries can be lessened with a simple change to your wardrobe: diabetic socks. Fortunately, this is also one change that won’t have a huge impact on your lifestyle otherwise.

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