Cold-Weather Ailments and How to Prevent Them

first-person perspective: looking down at feet, snowy ground, snow shovel

For many people, cold may cause symptoms of diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Such signs may include tingling, burning, numbness, or reduced ability to feel temperature changes or pain. Cold temperatures, bad weather, and reduced physical activities are the main causes of this condition. It is therefore important for individuals, especially diabetics to take care of their feet during the cold months. Practicing the right winter foot safety will help prevent any complications that may arise later on.

Serious Cold-Weather Ailments You Should Know

As temperatures decrease, the risk of contracting diseases goes up. Here are some common cold-weather illnesses you should know:

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Diabetes and Cold Weather

diabetes and cold weather

As we write this, we’re watching summer tick slowly away. Pretty soon we’ll be welcoming crisp fall air, digging sweaters out of our closets and preparing for the winter holidays.

And while this can be an enjoyable time of year, fall and winter can often be challenging for people with diabetes, as the cold weather months often bring with them higher blood sugar levels.

That’s why we put together this brief guide to diabetes and cold weather, with the aim of helping readers with diabetes live well while the temperatures drop.

Here are six things you can do in the next few months to remain healthy.

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