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Diabetes diagnosis can lead to a number of changes in a person’s life. Eating differently, getting more exercise, monitoring blood sugar—these are just some of the major changes a diabetic has to endure. On top of that, he or she may also need to consider one more change—altering their wardrobe to include diabetic socks.

What are Diabetic Socks and Why Do You Need Them?
The term “diabetic sock” may sound strange and conjure up the image of footwear that administers insulin injections or monitors blood sugar, but the reality is quite different. Diabetic socks look like conventional socks, however, they are designed to promote healthy circulation, minimal irritation and dry feet.

Diabetics often suffer from neuropathies that reduce the ability to register and feel pain. This makes simple things like binding elastic tops and thick seams dangerous to a diabetic who, for instance, may develop a blister from rubbing against a seam. Thanks to neuropathy, that blister may go unnoticed and get infected, further complicating the patient’s overall health. Diabetic socks are designed to prevent possible injuries like this from happening.

How to Find the Right Diabetic Sock
One of the first things to consider when purchasing diabetic socks is the material. A good diabetic sock is made from moisture-wicking material to help keep the foot dry. This is important as it reduces the chances of developing fungal or bacterial infections that could be dangerous to a diabetic. While something like athlete’s foot is a nuisance for most, to a diabetic it can be much worse.

Next, diabetic socks should have non-binding tops. Traditional socks have tight stitching or elastic at the top to help keep them from sliding down the ankle. This binding can affect circulation and reduce the flow of blood to the diabetic’s feet.

Finally, a good pair of diabetic socks should be seamless. The thick seam sewn into tradition socks can constantly rub up against the toes and cause blisters or irritation. For a diabetic with swollen feet, the pain and irritation caused from rubbing up against a seam can be agonizing.

Finding the right pair of diabetic socks can not only increase the day-to-day life of a diabetic, it can also prevent further complications associated with the disease.


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