Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between a Diabetic Sock and Other Socks?

Creative Care Diabetic Socks

are made with very light compression in the top of the sock – we want the sock to stay in place, without constriction on your legs. The toe seams on our socks are either non-existent or minimized to lessen the possibility of abrasion. All of our socks have Nylon on the exterior to further reduce friction while walking.

These combined features are not available on socks purchased from standard retail outlets.

Do Creative Care Diabetic Socks Require Special Care?

No, we have chosen fibers which are resilient, easy to clean, retain their shape and stay soft. Machine wash and dry, utilizing the gentle cycle for both the washer and dryer. Use detergents which do not contain bleach for maximum product life. Liquid softeners added to the rinse cycle or dryer softening sheets will enhance your foot comfort.

How Long Will These Socks Last?

When cared for, as recommended, these diabetic socks will last as long as socks which you would purchase from standard retail outlets.

When Will I Receive My Order?

Generally, your order will ship three days after we receive your email or phone call. We are located in the Eastern Time Zone and delivery will vary from one time zone to the other. Our orders are shipped using UPS, you may request a tracking number to be emailed to you when your order has shipped. If you would like us to send you a UPS tracking number please make your request when placing your order.

Do I need diabetic socks?

 People with diabetes are at a greater risk for foot injuries and infections, which can become quite serious. That's why it's important to do whatever you can to protect your feet. One way to do that is by wearing diabetic socks.

A diabetic sock is designed to wick away moisture and protect your feet with padded materials. They are also non-constrictive to keep blood circulating. Wearing diabetic socks with the right pair of shoes will help guard your feet and your health.

How do I safely keep my feet warm?

 The poor circulation associated with diabetes can leave your toes feeling cold.  But if you have diabetes, you need to be careful when warming your feet. The nerve damage that comes from diabetes can leave you unable to realize if bath water or a heating pad is too hot, causing you to get burned.

It's safer to wear a pair of warm diabetic socks, under a cozy set of slippers. Add extra warmth by getting your blood flowing through a massage or other activity. 

Who can benefit most from wearing diabetic socks?

 Anyone who has nerve damage that has lowered the sensitivity in their feet, or who are prone to fungal infections or ulcers will benefit from wearing a diabetic sock, because they provide protection and keep away moisture.

Who should not wear diabetic socks?

 There's really no restriction against people without diabetes wearing diabetic socks. People who run marathons use them to prevent cramping and fatigue. They can also help people who have conditions that involve swelling, such as varicose veins and lymphedema. 

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