VenoFlo Multi-Layer Compression Socks

VenoFlo Multi-Layer Compression Socks
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The Venoflow System Combines unique EZLiner with outer sock to achieve Level III and Level IV compression.
Easier application leads to higher patient compliance.

The Venoflow System is specially designed to treat venous ulcer episodes. Most of these episodes are preventable if the patients were to wear compression hosiery but they may be unable to do so because of arthritis, strength, or other issues. The Venoflow System is designed to be used during treatment for stabilization of the wound and it is covered by Medicare when used while an open wound is present.

EZ-Liner Socks allow patients to wash and dry the product every day, and change the dressings before they reapply the EZ-Liner. Compared to conventional surgical hose, this system provides a much better quality of life component. Using the Venoflow System, the average venous ulcer heals more quickly, and perhaps most important, we are able to teach patients that they can comfortably wear compression hosiery on an ongoing basis.

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