Think Diabetic Sock Material Doesn’t Matter? Think Again

diabetic sock material
People who live with diabetes need to think about things that folks who don’t live with the illness rarely have to consider. For example: diabetic sock material.

Foot care is an important part of diabetes care, and having the right sock material is an important part of caring for your feet. A good sock should wick well, meaning that it should keep moisture away from your skin.

Here are the facts about the three most popular diabetic sock materials, courtesy of the FootSmart blog.


Acrylic is a synthetic material great for casual wear or sports, especially for golf, tennis or hiking. It has very good wicking, although it doesn’t absorb sweat the same way cotton does. (More on cotton a little later.) Marathon runners choose them because they cause far fewer blisters than cotton socks. When buying acrylic socks to wear while exercising, look for ones that have a padding.

Acrylic socks can also help people at risk for ulcers on their feet due to decreased sensitivity. A padded acrylic sock may also contain nylon or spandex for reinforcement, allowing them to stretch.


A natural fiber, cotton socks are good for wearing with breathable shoes, or for indoor use during cold weather. They are not an ideal sports sock, but is good for people who aren’t on their feet all day and want a softer sock.

Cotton absorbs more moisture than acrylic socks, but it also retains more moisture, meaning they don’t wick away moisture from your skin. If that’s a concern, look for a cotton sock that contains some acrylic or polyester.


Although it will keep you warm in the winter, wool – especially merino wool –can also keep you cool by keeping out hot hair. It absorbs moisture very well and keeps odor out.

If you’re looking for a sock that will take care of your feet, turn to Creative Care. We’ve been making top of the line diabetic socks for more than three decades. We offer dress socks, circulation socks and seamless socks to keep you comfortable and healthy.

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